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4 ways to find freelance work at agencies

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One of the main questions you’ll be asking before or once you become a freelancer is “how do I find work?” You may be lucky enough to already have some work lined up, but you’ll need to plan ahead. Don’t wait until that finishes before you start looking for the next job. You need to build a solid foundation of ways to find work, so that when you really need it there is less to do to find some.

The main four ways to find freelance work at creative design agencies are:

Jobs and recruitment agents

The most likely route to produce results. You should be registered with at least one of these. More than one can be a good idea, especially in these uncertain times. Read our article on reasons to use an agent.

Job ads

Traditionally these were always in printed trade magazines, but today there is much, much more online. That said, don’t ignore the printed ones. Read our top 10 list of jobsites.

Word of mouth

Building a good reputation and networking are both very important and can bring new work by themselves, especially if you are good at a certain type of work.

Self marketing

Targeting agencies yourself by mail, email or telephone is much harder. However, if you are successful it can lead to a strong relationship with them.

I will be writing articles on each one of these in the near future, describing them in more detail. So if you want to know more check the site soon, or better still subscribe to the RSS feed in the sidebar.

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