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Amazing ways to make the most of your freelancing venture

new career adviceWritten by Amy Patrix

Working as a freelancer ensures that you are your own boss. You can work on your own terms and at your own will. Being successful is also very essential at the same time. Here are some quick business tips that will get you a a successful freelancing career.

1. Manage your time well:

The foremost requisite — and an important piece of new career advice — for becoming a successful freelancer is to learn the art of managing your time effectively. There are a lot of things that you need to manage as a freelance worker such as timely deliverables, searching for new projects, maintaining relations with clients, managing invoices, taking payments on time etc. In order to assign considerable time to each of these elements, you need to manage your time. You can make a traditional to-do list and priority listing method or take aid of newly introduced apps and time management tools.

2. Be productive:

Productivity is the biggest deliverable of a freelancer. You need to come up with new and fresh ideas which show you distinctive from others. If you are delivering out of the box stuff, your clients will definitely consider you to be someone worthy and someone who values time and efforts.

3. Keep yourself motivated:

If you are looking for the key to a successful freelance career, then self motivation is what you should look up to. If you are not motivated in person to put forth the best of your skills, you cannot expect to be at the top of the ladder. To reach to the top, you have to start working at your core and keep your spirits up. It will help you substantially advance your career.

4. Explore the creative spree:

Being creative is as important as being productive. If you are productive but not creative with your ideas, you will not be able to sustain in the field of freelancing in the longer run. Clients are attracted by fresh ideas. No one is willing to work with a freelancer who delivers same stagnant ideas again and again.

5. Know the trick to manage your projects:

As a freelancer, you can’t keep working on a single project. You will be faced with times wherein you will need to handle multiple projects at one go, especially if you are associated with a web development company. In such situations your project management skills are tested. You must be aware of various tricks and tactics to manage your projects well. Prioritize the projects according to the assigned timelines or according to the work load.

6. Follow the 80/20 rule:

The Pareto Principle or the 80-20 rule is very popular amongst the freelancers. This principle can prove to be significant analytical tool for your freelancing business. It can help you increase your profit margins in the longer run, especially in case of offshore web development.

7. Go the email marketing way:

Marketing your freelancing services in the right manner is very essential to go places in this field of work. You live or die by the way you market your business skills. Email marketing has emerged as an effective method to market your services to your prospective clients. There are several web applications such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and My Emma that promote free email marketing features. All you need then is effective and targeted marketing material and a database of client email ids.

Work like you always wanted to and use the above tips to make your venture worthwhile.

Amy Patrix is an offshore web development pro who has been working in the field for past 5 years. He is currently associate as a senior team lead with Xicom technologies, a premium web development company with 15+ years of expertise.
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