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Career advice for freelancers

new career adviceGetting some good new career advice can be hard when making the decision to become a freelancer.

If you know some experienced freelancers you may be able to ask them for business tips, or if you are in touch with a recruitment agent they may give you some advice too on the jobs and recruitment process. However, it’s hard to find any useful advice anywhere online and what there is can be hard to track down.

One of the reasons I started this website was to make it easier to get information about freelancing, so I’ve put together this little collection of advice articles I’ve found on freelancing or contracting at creative agencies:

(Note: Although these are UK websites most of the advice is relevant wherever you are in the world. However, some specifics like tax set-ups may be different in other countries).



Why freelance? The benefits of freelancing.
Lifestyle Freelancing as a lifestyle choice.
Work Choosing who to work for and what kind of work you want to do.
Financials Determining your tax status.


Brand Republic

Freelance jobs Tips to make freelancing work for you.


Creative Pool

Becoming a freelancer Comparing freelancing at agencies with freelancing directly for clients.

If you know of any other good advice articles please share them by adding them to the comments below.


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