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From brand love to brand dependency

Today is a Starbucks day… Yep. Brand Dependency at its best. I have been in the branding field for years and have worked with some of the biggest...

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From Design Taxi – LEGO Calendar Is The Niftiest Organizer You Can Find

lego calendar

LEGO Calendar Is The Niftiest Organizer You Can Find By Kelly Koo, 02 Oct 2013 Wanting to find the best way to organize things in their studio, the team at Vitamins Design began the research and design for the perfect organizer. They worked around these pointers: It had to be big, show a few months ahead, work both on and offline, and be tactile and easy ... Read More »

Creativity is a holistic process

richard mott

Problem solving is the task we evolved for.  It gives us as much pleasure as sex.  Work done for its own sake becomes a wonderful game. In creative businesses we have the chance to enjoy work – something not everyone can say about their job.  We love the challenge of exploring and answering the creative brief; we love the opportunity ... Read More »

How to connect with customers using a killer content strategy

successful entrepreneur

Written by Linda Forshaw The majority of creative professionals and freelancers will have their own website to showcase their creations and capabilities. They might even have gone so far as to set up a blog. In order to use either of those things to their full potential, it’s necessary for a freelancer to wear a number of different hats – ... Read More »

Creatives, are you paying enough attention?

how to be a successful entrepreneur

Written by Joshua Danton Boyd Creative design agencies are fluid. Tastes change and things can be turned around in an instant. It’s a sea of ever-changing ferocity and it can be easy to get left behind or suddenly caught out. The question is, can you predict where the water is going to take you next? It’s something difficult to do, ... Read More »

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