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Ideas and information on finding yourself work at agencies.

How To Select Perfect Freelancer?

How To Select Perfect Freelancer

Freelancers are people who are different from the full timers. The freelancers can work from a suitable corner of their house whereas the full time employees do an office based job. However the freelancers can be both full time and part timer but they never have to do an in house job. How the selection of a freelancer done? Since ... Read More »

11 Stereotypes About Freelancers We All Laugh At

Stereotypes About Freelancers

Freelancing is a really difficult field. Besides the problems you always face with, there are also other different hardships here. Other people’s attitude towards and stereotypes about freelancers for example. Stereotypes are a kind of a tribute to the community, and we can’t live without them. Certainly, some of them are “based on a true story”, but there are also others ... Read More »

What makes a great brand manager?

jobs and recruitment

A job-hunting friend of mine recently asked my perspective on what makes a great brand manager from a strategy consultant’s point of view I paused. Thought a little....

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New job search feature

Jobs and recruitment

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of a new job search feature to our website. You will now be able to search all online job ads right from our website. Read More »

Creativity is a holistic process

richard mott

Problem solving is the task we evolved for.  It gives us as much pleasure as sex.  Work done for its own sake becomes a wonderful game. In creative businesses we have the chance to enjoy work – something not everyone can say about their job.  We love the challenge of exploring and answering the creative brief; we love the opportunity ... Read More »

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