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From Design Taxi – LEGO Calendar Is The Niftiest Organizer You Can Find

LEGO Calendar Is The Niftiest Organizer You Can Find

By Kelly Koo, 02 Oct 2013

Wanting to find the best way to organize things in their studio, the team at Vitamins Design began the research and design for the perfect organizer.

They worked around these pointers: It had to be big, show a few months ahead, work both on and offline, and be tactile and easy to understand.

Their ideas culminated in the “LEGO Calendar”, an easy-to-read calendar that uses cute LEGO characters to represent each person in the studio. Projects are marked by color-coded LEGO bricks, and each brick represents half a day.

The genius feature is the software that automatically synchronizes the events reflected on the LEGO Calendar with a digital one. This is done by taking a screen-shot of the LEGO Calendar and emailing it to a special address. The software would then scan the image, detect the colors and positions of each block, and update the digital calendar.

“It’s really tangible. You can literally hold and share blocks of time. It lives in the digital and the physical world”, said the team.

Vitamins Design will soon share the computer code online so that everyone can use their wonderful invention.


First published: http://designtaxi.com/news/361057/LEGO-Calendar-Is-The-Niftiest-Organizer-You-Can-Find/

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