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Top 5 mobile apps for freelancers


Written by Vishal

Freelance professionals need productivity tools, especially given the level of multitasking they are required to do. In addition to finishing writing assignments for multiple clients within tight deadlines, they also have to keep their eyes open for more projects. Whereas it used to be business requirements software that was most important, now it’s apps.

To make life a little easier for the freelance writer, here is a list of 5 must-have apps he/she should have on the mobile device:

1. Dropbox: What’s life without the cloud? The seamless syncing feature of the cloud lets freelance writers begin a writing assignment at his/her laptop and complete it on the go even from their mobile devices. With Dropbox, your files and work travel with you even if your laptop or PC doesn’t, and you can access the files literally from anywhere. What’s even better is the added element of safety – if for any reason your system crashes, you won’t lose your writing. It will be stored safely in your Dropbox folder.

2. OpenOffice: Freelance writers need to have a good productivity suite and OpenOffice is just the thing you should have. Letting you create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, it’s more than enough to ensure that you meet your deadline and submit your assignments in the proper format with no errors.

3. Tick: One of the most essential aspects of freelancing has to do with tracking their work. Tick is one such tracking software that lets you track one project free of cost at a time. You can even use this tool for reporting and exporting, and even track the project using RSS feeds.

4. Google Calendar: This is a free yet must-have tool to help you schedule your tasks and plan your week ahead of time. The better planned your work-time, the more productive you can become and the more you can earn. Google Calendar’s a great way to maintain your schedule.

You can even share your schedule with others, giving you more transparency when it comes to your work. And the best thing about it is that it works when your mobile device is offline too.

5. Express Accounts Free Accounting Software: Billing can become a tiresome and overwhelming process if freelance writers can’t get organized. When it comes to handling many invoices simultaneously and ensuring that the billing details are correctly reported, a tool like this comes in handy.

It’s free and can help you keep track of all your receipts and payment details so that you can focus on just your assignments and not worry about cash management and the financial nitty-gritty’s.

Take your pick, choose the tools you feel most comfortable with and get set to rock!

Vishal is the founder and CEO of Appsquare.com.au – An Australian Mobile App Development company that develops top selling iPhone and Android apps, provides part funding to innovative app ideas and helps app developers get funding from its network of Angel investors and Venture Capitalists.
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