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New freelance business book

FBFIn our quest to bring you news of relevant products and services, business tips and new career advice for freelancers, we thought we’d let you know Rockable Press have just released a new book called The Freelance Business Funnel.

“This book was borne out of the question: Why do freelancers spend so much time bidding, cold-emailing and pleading for work, when there is clearly a better way?”

This is a great little book aimed at helping you create a strong and sustainable freelance business, regardless of the economic climate. We recommend you take a look. You can read More about the book on the Rockable Press website.

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Greg is the founder of strategy consultancy GD | Inspires and spends his days strategising for various design agencies and clients around the world - see more at http://gdinspires.com. He is also a prolific entrepreneur having launched Strat-Talking.com - a website aimed at giving advice and insight to new, existing and veteran freelancers as well as commenting on all things strategic as well as acquiring CreativeAgencyFreelancing.com for designers. Feel free to email him at: greg@gdinspires.com or follow on Twitter @CAFreelancing.

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