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How To Select Perfect Freelancer?

How To Select Perfect FreelancerFreelancers are people who are different from the full timers. The freelancers can work from a suitable corner of their house whereas the full time employees do an office based job. However the freelancers can be both full time and part timer but they never have to do an in house job.

How the selection of a freelancer done?
Since the freelancers attend home base office environment, the employers need to know how they look like and what their qualification skills are. For this an online interview via video calling or skype interviews takes place.

The process of recruiting a perfect freelance:

Since the freelancers are actually a virtual employee for the employers therefore the employers make sure that they chose only a perfect freelance who can work properly even if not in front of their eyes. However, sometimes a call over the phone is also sufficient for the employers to recruit the employees.

Steps for choosing a perfect freelancer:

It is very important for the employers that they post the total details of the job and the proper application form that can be filled by the interested candidates. Sometimes the employers tend to waste time by talking to candidates who are no match for the job. This problem can be sorted out by following the few underwritten steps.

These steps will help you choose the perfect freelancer that will fit your job criteria:

  • Instead of telling the total project or describing the total project to the freelancer, only describe a little part of it. The candidate will go through the requirements and if he or she excels and or completes the first part of the project successfully then move on with the second part.
  • Decide it in the initial stage whether you will be paying per project or pay per hour. This will eliminate quite a lot of problems that can crop up later on.
  • When all the application forms have come to your desk make sure you filter all the candidate’s responses and choose the filtered ones.
  • There are a number of online websites among which you can choose the one you are comfortable with. These websites provide a number of freelancers who can provide you word according to your needs and requirements.
  • Ask for candidate portfolio and example and then decide who’s work suits and meets all your criteria.

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