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11 Stereotypes About Freelancers We All Laugh At

Stereotypes About FreelancersFreelancing is a really difficult field. Besides the problems you always face with, there are also other different hardships here. Other people’s attitude towards and stereotypes about freelancers for example.

Stereotypes are a kind of a tribute to the community, and we can’t live without them. Certainly, some of them are “based on a true story”, but there are also others which are far beyond reality. Big chances are, that you have already met some stereotypes about freelancers. And we will try to name and bust the most popular myths about people who work in this sphere.

Freelancers are lonely

Some people believe, that freelancers spend most of their time at computers, and that is why they do not have friends at all. The truth is, that we (freelancers) can always find time and place for communication, because we need it even more that office workers.


Freelancers do not get enough sleep

Well, this is partly true, because the majority of freelancers prefer working at nights. But we should not forget, that all people are different, and each of us has his individual schedule. Certainly, some days happen, when freelancers are just overwhelmed with work, but it does not happen every day.


Freelancers take a shower rarely

You may laugh or be indignant, but many people really think so. They believe, that freelancers spend all the time at work, and a personal hygiene is not in their plans. But we all know that it’s not true of course.


Freelancers work for food

Many freelancers earn quite well, everything depends on their professionalism and relevance. You can earn enough or even more than you expect, if you are a good specialist.


Freelancers have problems with health

That’s because they eat bad, do not get enough sleep, do not exercise, and spend a little time in the fresh air. Freelancers are hard-working people of course, but it does not mean they do not care about their health. Some freelancers are good with work, and they care about their health at the same time.


Freelancers can’t do office job

Some people believe, that freelancers are those people who were not able to get a job in companies. The truth is, that the majority of freelancers are experienced and qualified professionals who just prefer working on themselves. Moreover, they want to control their time themselves. Believe us, they have even more experience than most of people who have a full-time job.


Freelancers are nervous

It is believed, that we become freelancers in order to protect ourselves from stress, because we can choose projects, clients, time, etc. In fact, most freelancers have nerves of steel, as they often have to re-do everything dozens of times and listen to all “fantasies” of their customers concerning design…


It is easy to work as a freelancer

It is not true, that freelancers work several hours a day and do nothing. Many people believe, that it is possible to create a design by clicking several buttons in Photoshop.  Very often freelancers work much more and harder than other people (12-15 hours per day).


Freelancers drink tons of coffee

Perhaps, this is the most plausible stereotype. Indeed, it must be confessed, that many freelancers suffer from a coffee addiction, especially if they prefer working at nights. But there are also some freelancers, who do not drink coffee, and prefer a green tea for example.


Freelancers are sad people

Just try asking freelancers about their attitude towards their work. Most likely, they will tell you that they are absolutely happy, because they do what they really love. They do not have to listen to their bosses’ orders, and they can decide when to work, have fun, or travel.


Freelancers are focused on money

Certainly, we all need money, and freelancers always worry about fees, as they do not have any guaranties that no one will cheat them. But it does not mean, that freelancers think about nothing but money only. They do what they love in their spare time. Do you know one accountant at least, who would check tables on weekends just because he likes it?


Some of these stereotypes about freelancers may seem ridiculous or unpleasant to someone, but they have a place to be. And what stereotypes about freelancers did you come across?


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