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Setting yourself up as an agency freelancer

new career advice

If you're thinking of becoming a freelancer or are in the process of it, you might be wondering how to get started. Well, the most urgent issue you need to address is how to get set up as a business, so you can start working at creative agencies.

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Creating a résumé to land an in-house job

jobs and recruitment

Most creative freelancers will tell you that they don’t need résumés (CVs). But the truth is different. Read More »

Setting yourself up as an agency freelancer: UK

new career advice and business tips

If you are in the UK and thinking of going freelance or about to, you're probably wondering what choices you have for setting yourself up to work at creative agencies. In this article, I'm aiming to give you an overview of the options, which you can then go and look into yourself. Read More »

Creatives, are you paying enough attention?

how to be a successful entrepreneur

Written by Joshua Danton Boyd Creative design agencies are fluid. Tastes change and things can be turned around in an instant. It’s a sea of ever-changing ferocity and it can be easy to get left behind or suddenly caught out. The question is, can you predict where the water is going to take you next? It’s something difficult to do, ... Read More »

More excellent creative portfolio resources


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