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People, Purpose …. Profit

richard mott

I have established a consultancy called Holistic Business Consultants Our aim is to introduce some fresh thinking into the world of business.  I have always believed that people are the most important element in business – the best people and the right people, harnessing their energy in line with a shared purpose. People before profit Many business leaders focus primarily ... Read More »

National Freelancers Day update

design agencies

As this event is drawing nearer I thought I would just update you on a few developments that have been happening. Read More »

Using Linked In for an online profile

Using linkedin in one of the best marketing strategies for getting your name out there.

There are many career and social networking tools these days, but Linked In seems to be gaining a lot of popularity at the moment. This article gives a quick introduction to it for freelancers and contractors. Read More »

Places to work off-site as a freelancer

working in London

Finding a good place to work off-site can be a problem for freelancers. Working at home isn't always an option if you need to be around town for meetings at studios. So here is a really useful website that can help. Read More »

A guide to copyright in creative work

when you write a proposal, is it copyrighted?

Ever wondered who owns the copyright for your work at creative agencies? This article summarises the situation quite nicely, and even explains the situation for us freelancers. Read More »

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