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People, Purpose …. Profit

richard mott

I have established a consultancy called Holistic Business Consultants Our aim is to introduce some fresh thinking into the world of business.  I have always believed that people are the most important element in business – the best people and the right people, harnessing their energy in line with a shared purpose. People before profit Many business leaders focus primarily ... Read More »

Career advice for freelancers

new career advice

Getting some good advice can be hard when making the career decision to become a freelancer, so I've put together this collection of advice articles I've found on freelancing or contracting at creative agencies. Read More »

20 excellent portfolio guides and resources

design agencies

Getting your portfolio right is important as a freelancer, as you need to market yourself well. To help you, I've gathered this big list of great resources. Read More »

Roundup of free creative resources

strategy tools

I come across or find so many really useful free creative resources on the web, I decided it was time to share them with you. Read More »

Places to work off-site as a freelancer

working in London

Finding a good place to work off-site can be a problem for freelancers. Working at home isn't always an option if you need to be around town for meetings at studios. So here is a really useful website that can help. Read More »

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