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11 Stereotypes About Freelancers We All Laugh At

Stereotypes About Freelancers

Freelancing is a really difficult field. Besides the problems you always face with, there are also other different hardships here. Other people’s attitude towards and stereotypes about freelancers for example. Stereotypes are a kind of a tribute to the community, and we can’t live without them. Certainly, some of them are “based on a true story”, but there are also others ... Read More »

More excellent creative portfolio resources


We've found more good resources to help you improve your portfolio and how you use it. Read More »

Want to learn more about printing?

top 100 design agencies

If you've ever wanted to visit a printing press or wanted to know more about the latest and future techniques, here's your chance. Alderson Print in London is kindly offering just that - free educational visits to it's West London press. Read More »

New freelance portfolios feature

top 100 design agencies

We will soon be starting a new feature called Freelance Folios. Essentially the idea is to feature the best online portfolios of freelancers from around the world. Want to show yours? Read More »

20 excellent portfolio guides and resources

design agencies

Getting your portfolio right is important as a freelancer, as you need to market yourself well. To help you, I've gathered this big list of great resources. Read More »

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