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Time is gold: time management tips for freelancers

successful entrepreneur business tips

Written by Clarissa Wilson One of the main reasons why people prefer doing freelance work than doing a nine to five job is the freedom to do their work at their own pace and time, and to work at home. What many don’t realize – especially newbies – is that time management is actually a skill many freelancers struggle with. ... Read More »

How companies inspire

work life balance

Written by Denise Wilson Stuck in a rut and running low on creative juice? There are many things you can do to get inspired and keep your work process productive AND fun. Here are some business tips from successful companies that inspire their employees and increase productivity and creativity in the workplace. Read More »

Becoming a Professional Pitcher: How to Sell All Your Writing Ideas

business tips for freelance writers

This is a quest post by Samantha Gray Freelancers have one of the most amazing jobs in the world: they get to explore their curiosity, come up with intriguing story ideas, let their personal creativity flow, and write beautiful lines of text. To top it all off, they get paid well for it and often get to work from home. ... Read More »

3 personality traits every freelancer should demonstrate

best marketing strategies for self promotion

Without question, maintaining a freelance career requires a specific type of person and quality compared to traditional nine to five job at a steady location. For many, freelancing may not fit. Read More »

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