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15 essential tools for every freelancer

working from h

We all have our favourite tools for what we do, here are my essential tools for every freelance strategy consultant. MacBook Pro with Retina Display I could not live without my MacBook Pro with Retina Display, it keeps me connected and enables me to actually do my job! It’s one of my most essential strategy tools.  I opted for the 15″ ... Read More »

5 rules for making the most of working from home

Working from home

Working from home is great, but only if we keep focus I have recently started working from home a lot more, I have it built into my freelance contracts that where possible I will work from home as it not only allows me to focus without distraction (and without politics) but also allows me to multitask across numerous client projects ... Read More »

6 ways to find work-family balance for freelancers


Written by Gwen Stewart As a freelancer with a family, you have likely often faced difficulty in finding work life balance. More often than not, a freelancer’s family simply doesn’t understand that even though you are home, you are working at home and shouldn’t be disturbed. Likewise, you probably sometimes feel obligated to put aside your work and go join ... Read More »

Time is gold: time management tips for freelancers

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Written by Clarissa Wilson One of the main reasons why people prefer doing freelance work than doing a nine to five job is the freedom to do their work at their own pace and time, and to work at home. What many don’t realize – especially newbies – is that time management is actually a skill many freelancers struggle with. ... Read More »

Places to work off-site as a freelancer

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Finding a good place to work off-site can be a problem for freelancers. Working at home isn't always an option if you need to be around town for meetings at studios. So here is a really useful website that can help. Read More »

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