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Write for usExposure for you, insights for our readers!

We’re looking for contributors for Creative Agency Freelancing, so we can offer wider knowledge to our readers. If you have something to say or offer on the subject of creative freelancing, send us an article proposal.

What are we looking for?
We’re looking for well written articles on subjects that will be of use to creatives and freelancers, such as guides, tips or roundups. Not all articles we receive are suitable for us, so we ask you to take some time to a few read articles we’ve already published before you submit an article for consideration.

Writer’s guidelines

  • Minimum of 300 words per article please
  • Include an excerpt, or write your first paragraph like one
  • Only send us images if we can trace their licensing details (e.g Creative Commons)
  • We reserve the right to reject your article, or to make minor edits to suit our website
  • Include a short biography (max of 2 links)
  • Keep it objective (if writing about an experience with a client, do not include names or any way of identifying them)
  • Your article must be an original piece of writing
  • You agree that your article(s) will remain part of this website and never be republished elsewhere
  • Most importantly: Keep it focused, offer a point of view, have an opinion or offer useful tips. We will reject heavily impartial or vague articles that don’t really say anything in particular

Definite no-no’s

  • No affiliate or heavily non-relevant links
  • No ranting about specific people or businesses
  • No links to questionable websites
  • No heavy text styling in the document you submit
  • No submissions that borrow or repeat content from anywhere else
Ready to propose an article? Head over to Submit an article ?

The Creative Agency Freelancing Team


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